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Monday, June 21, 2010

Our 4th Anniversary

Wow...I have the most amazing husband. I already knew that, but Adam has now outdone himself again. Wow. I am so incredibly blessed.

Now, prepare to sit back and enjoy a little romantic story that usually only occurs in the movies...but I actually got to live it out :)

I knew Adam was up to something. I was banned from getting on his computer and his Droid. He kept making and receiving phone calls where he would walk out of the room. He would always smile when he got back and say not to worry about it. Now you have to understand, my husband is a horrible liar. I can easily see when he is up to something, but I enjoy surprises so I try not to ask questions. I am usually a good guesser so he has learned to be as secretive as possible.

We were supposed to have our neighbors over for dinner the night of our anniversary (we take turns and it just happened to fall on that day). Adam suspiciously tells me those plans are cancelled and he has taken care of the details. He also has arranged for a babysitter for us. Now this may not sound like much, but we have not been out on very many dates since our little angel, Lorelei, was born. Yes, we have left her for things like company parties, a couple of concerts, and small group, but only one or two just dates. We love dating, but we also love bringing our little Lorelei places. So, to go out just the two of us on a date was quite the special occasion.

Adam brings me to Ippolitos on the Suwanee Town Square. It is this adorable little Italian restaurant. We ordered a bottle (gasp...not just a glass but the whole bottle) of wine, enjoyed our garlic rolls, got a good laugh when the poor waiter broke one of the wine glasses on our table (no worries--we got extra garlic rolls) and enjoyed our dinner and time together to the fullest. Adam ordered spaghetti and meatballs and I had sun-dried tomato and chicken stuffed shells. DELICIOUS!! Everything was so good. We decided to opt out of dessert since we were both so full.

Afterwards, we decided we should go for a walk around the square. There is a fountain that the little kids were playing in and I suggested we go watch. Adam said "Lets walk around the circle first and then we can sit on the other side of the fountain to watch." Sounded good to me so we began our walk--hand in hand as we so often are.

As we are walking, I notice up on stage is a violin player. I LOVE the violin so I excitedly say to Adam "Look there is a violinist. We should go watch." Adam, with a huge smile on his face, agrees. At this point, I realize something is up. I say to Adam, "You didn't do this?!?!" He can no longer hold it in and with a half laugh, says "Maybe." As we walk closer there is a photographer suspiciously taking pictures of us approaching and I realize...yes my husband has hired a violinist and a photographer just for me.

We proceeded to go onto the stage and dance for over an hour to the beautiful sounds of a professional violinist. We had many people who would stop and watch and sometimes sit for the show, but we didn't care. It was just us, in our own little world, dancing the night away. It was absolutely magical. We danced the waltz mainly and also at least one tango. We laughed, hugged, kissed, and just loved each other. All of this was also captured on film because my thoughtful hubby hired a photographer too. Pictures to come (she said maybe 3 weeks). The night was perfect. It was a warm summer evening in GA and Adam didn't even mind being hot. We were both on cloud nine. It will be a night I will always remember. We had so much fun.

We ended the night with a stop for dessert at Sonic. What a perfect night :)

I love that man so much. Not because he does incredible things like this, but because he loves me so incredibly much. I mean, who does that? I understand maybe a dating couple...I joked the people watching probably thought we were getting engaged. But no, for a 4th anniversary? Not a 20 or a 50 but a 4th? My husband is incredible. I am so very loved. He knew how much I love dancing and how I missed it. He wanted to make me smile. One time during the night when I was laughing in joy, he said how "it was all worth it for that laugh alone".

Our magical night together. Forever in my memory. I love you Adam. Thank you for an amazing night.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trust Me

Does trust have to be earned? I think for most adults, myself included, we have a hard time giving the gift of trust to others. As I study this picture (and I often do) I see many things. I see a woman I love with all my heart who puts her full trust in me daily, not because she has to, but because she wants to. She trusts me with her life and her heart and I do the same for her. I think we’ve earned that trust from each other. I believe some was given in hopes that it would never be broken. I also see a smile that says it all about her view of life. If you know her, you know you don’t have to be around her long to see that kind of smile. It’s regular and infectious. There is pure joy in those eyes as she looks down on our daughter.

What about Lorelei? What is she thinking? I love the look she is giving her momma. That is a look of pure trust. I’ve gone back to this picture over and over again and I can’t get enough of the look that is on Lorelei’s face. The slight smirk says it all. It says “mom, I trust you with my life and whatever comes along, I know you’re here for me.” Lorelei doesn’t require her trust to be earned. She gives it freely. As young as she is, she knows the love her momma has for her runs deep. There is reassurance of this love in those eyes. Lorelei trusts with all her heart. It’s a pure, non-wavering trust and she has a faith that is already strong. She may not know who God is yet, but she has faith, hope, love, and trust. She has a faith in her mom that she will be taken care of and her needs will be met, a hope in the future, an instant bond that forms so quickly between her and her parents, and a trust that all is well in her world and her parents will help get her to the next step in life. She’s already made us so proud. Just look at her mom’s face. Can anyone look more proud of another person?

It has been wonderful watching our little girl develop so much in the first year of her life. We are her world right now. She trusts both of us so much and I want to hang on to that as long as I can. I know as she grows and matures, she’ll gain more knowledge of the world around her and mom and dad won’t be super heroes forever. For now though, we are as cool to her as Mickey and Minnie.