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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our new favorite activity and welcome to the world Brooks!

Lorelei's new very favorite activity is going to the playground.  She LOVES the swings.
However, her absolute favorite activity is to climb up the slide and slide back down...sometimes backwards on her tummy, sometimes sitting up (w/ mom or dad holding her hand) and every once in a while she will head down head first and mom or dad will have to save her :)

Welcome to the world little Brooks Lee Beck!
Thank you for letting us visit you on your very exciting birthday! 

You are already loved more than you know!  You have amazing Godly parents!  Congrats again Heidi and Ryan!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gwinnett County Fair 2010

Gwinnett County Fair 2010!

I should start by saying that I LOVE the fair!  I just can't help myself, the food, the rides, the shows, the animals, the excitement, the kids...I have such great memories growing up of going to the fair.  I was so excited this year to bring Lorelei to her first fair!

She has no idea what she is in for :)

Lorelei rode the Merry-Go-Round for the first time!  She wasn't so sure at first but for the rest of the night whenever we passed it she would point and let us know she wanted to go do that again!

Then we were off to the 4-H petting zoo.  Lorelei got to pet a chick
Then we saw a 4 day old donkey

Then we saw a chick that had literally just hatched (mom and dad thought this was cooler than Lorelei did)

Bad Mommy and Daddy may have let her try a funnel cake...hey we were at the fair right?
She loved the funnel cake so much that when she saw me throw a little bit away, she started crying.

The fair would not be complete without Daddy winning his little girl a prize :)

Overall, the Gwinnett County Fair 2010 = a total success!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Two Days of Campmeeting

First of all, sorry this is so late. I need to do several VERY late blogs of our summer. Here is the first one...

Last Two Days of Campmeeting!!

Daddy was able to be there for the morning singing and story time!
This morning we learned about Easter...so we had an Easter Egg Hunt!

And they are off!

Lorelei loved finding eggs.
Mom, Dad, and Lorelei all went to Helen for the day and had a blast.

Lorelei is finally learning to pay attention now that it is the last day :)

The last morning we were there was the day we let go of the balloons. Each year the kids attach a letter to the balloons and ask if anyone finds it, to send it back. Each year, about one person finds the leftovers of a balloon and sends it back.

The balloons are the colors of the salvation bracelets. First, we let go of the black balloons because they represent sin and Jesus paid or our sins. Then, the rest of the balloons are let go.

Lorelei did not want to let go of her balloon :)

Time to go home. We will be back again next Campmeeting. Until we meet again...