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Friday, May 14, 2010

God: Our Provider and Protector

I don't know why things happen the way they do. Ashley and I were all ready to embark on a risky venture that was going to take time and money with the possibility of making a nice profit at the end. We were about to close on a townhouse we had found and decided to flip. It was a small place, very manageable, and had lots of potential. We were excited, apprehensive, but faithful throughout the process leading up to closing. We hit some bumps along the way, but the inspection was successful and the appraisal came in higher than our contract amount. Everything was looking okay. All the while, I was a little nervous and I don't know if I was forcing some kind of peace about the situation, but my human side was reminding me all along the way just how much money we were about to fork over to the bank to purchase this house. Maybe I was ignoring that funny feeling in my stomach, but I kept praying every night for protection and that God would rescue us from this situation if it were not to be. From the mouth of John Maxwell, "we all are only one step away from stupid."

Two days ago, we were ready to do it. Insurance application was done, underwriting was complete, addendums were signed, and all that was left was the closing day where we sign over our life and wire the bank a bunch of money. We were going to have to wire the bank our money. Sounds like something that happens in a movie, doesn't it?

Then, I get an email. It turns out our bank made a mistake processing the loan, and now the loan amount they were going to give us was about 20% lower than expected. Jaw drop! Even though I was livid at the bank for dropping this on us 3 days before closing, I felt a small sense of peace. Suddenly, I realized that we're not supposed to do this right now. It may be the right time one day, but just not now. I felt it. It couldn't have been clearer. God was protecting us from a situation he knew we shouldn't be in at this time. It doesn't really matter the reason why we were kept from this. It may have been a financial reason, the loss of crucial family time, an injury that occurs during the renovation, the list goes on... Only God knows the reason and that's all that really matters. We are incredibly gracious and blessed that God loves us enough to give us that clear sign that we needed to call this off. He continues to provide for our family and protect us from bad decisions we make all the time. We just have to keep praying, listening, and feeling for that ultimate guidance. He's always there. The guidance is always there. It may not always be a hammer to the head or a light bulb that goes off, but it's there. Some situations call for a clearer sign than other situations. Even when we ignore the small signs early in the process, God continues to provide more signs along the way choosing to make them clearer and clearer. What an awesome God we have!

So let us keep our minds, ears, eyes, and heart on the one who provides and protects. Amen.

- Adam

- Adam

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2010...what a blessing!

This Mother's Day was absolutely the best Mother's Day a girl could ask for despite the fact that I managed to ruin all of the sweet and wonderful surprises my husband had for me.

What a family I have. I am so very blessed. I cannot even begin to comprehend how much the Good Lord loves me. Mother's Day was just one of those days that reminds me and puts into perspective how wonderful my life is.

Friday afternoon before Mother's Day, I came home and accidentally saw the Mother's Day card my sweet husband and daughter had for me. It was out because Adam had put Lorelei's hand print inside and he was waiting on it to dry! HOW SWEET! To make it even more wonderful, he allowed Lorelei to put her own little mark on it (chewing on the crease). It will definitely be a card I will save and cherish.

Saturday morning before Mother's Day, I wake up and hear Adam's phone "Droiding." Without thinking much about it, I look at it to see if he is getting texted or an email or something, no I see it is his alarm reminding him to "Call Baskin Robins." Oh no, I have ruined another surprise! At the same time, YES he is ordering me a Baskin Robins ice cream cake--in my opinion the BEST ice cream cake in the world. I am so very excited.

So, although I have ruined Adam's sweet surprises, I am already so excited for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day morning:

We wake up to the sweet sounds of Lorelei playing in her crib. Without rushing, we get up, get ready, and head out to J. Christofers--AWESOME BREAKFAST! We go grab the ice cream cake and go to church. Church was awesome this morning--I just couldn't get past how blessed I am and I cannot thank Jesus enough for the little Angel He gave me in Lorelei. She has changed how I view life and I have never been happier. To have the love of a sweet child, to know that my Maker is entrusting me to pour His love into her life, to have a husband who loves me and is my best friend, I cannot describe how blessed I feel.

To finish the afternoon, we stopped by Longhorns to wish my Nana Happy Mother's Day, spent the afternoon at the pool (too cold to get in but enjoying the sunshine), landing a flip on the old trampoline, and going home to curl up on the couch with the two people who mean the world to me.

Mother's Day was absolutely perfect.

Thank you to my family for your love, thank you God for my family. Let my life be to glorify You.

With all my love,


Saturday, May 8, 2010

$2.99 Happiness

It's been too long since my last post. I have so many thoughts in my head and so many moments I want to share. I have to pick a couple to catch up and then go from there. I think that's the best solution.

I had a moment the other day that I really can't put completely into words. It was one of those moments I will not forget. It involved no words, only a look that told me everything I needed to hear.

Lorelei and I went for a daddy and daughter grocery store trip. We've only had a few of these together where it was just us two. Normally, all three of us go and have a great time, but this was just the two of us. I'm still learning those special moments as a dad. I can tell you this. Pushing a cart with your little girl strapped into the kid seat on the cart looking at you as you shop and check your items off the list is one of the most precious times in life. We talk the whole time. Okay. It's me doing all the talking and her looking at me with that, I can't understand what you're saying, look. However, today was different. We get our cart set up with the cart cover, strap Lorelei in, and head for the produce section to start our trip. As we are walking towards the vegetables, I get distracted by the bread and wonder if we need bread for our dinner that night. After I make the decision to pass on the bread, I turn back to start the cart in motion and I notice Lorelei looking up. Naturally, my head pops up to see what the distraction is and there they are; dozens of mother's day balloons with a few Happy Birthday and Get Well Soon balloons sprinkled in among them. Oh, I get it now. She likes balloons. What kid doesn't? So, we're both looking at the balloons now, then we both drop our heads and look at each other and she gives me that classic smile. She then points her eyes up at the balloons again keeping her head pretty much straight on. She drops the eyes and puts them right back on me and gives another smile. There was no need for verbal communication at this point because I knew exactly what she was saying. I know I don't have to tell you what happened next. Let's just say, the cart didn't immediately begin to move toward the vegetable section. We took a little detour before we continued our shopping and ended up with a $3.00 Happy Birthday balloon tied to the cart in reach for Lorelei to be able to hit and bounce it into daddy's head. In her 10 short months, my daughter has never communicated with me so well. She said "daddy, I really want that balloon." It didn't have to come out of her mouth for her to say it. She said it loud and clear and I did the only thing I knew to do. I bought her the balloon. At that moment, I don't really think it mattered how much it cost. Sure there was a limit on what I was willing to pay, but that day Kroger could have taken advantage of me and my loyal business. I would have been one of the only people to have ever purchased a $20.00 balloon and still felt as though I was the one taking advantage of them. That kind of communication and pure joy is priceless or maybe $2.99 at the most. I don't know who was happier that day, me or Lorelei. I guess her happiness from the balloon will fade... until next Kroger trip.