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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mommy and Me Gymnastics

I have been looking for something special for Lorelei and I to do together and I think I have found it!  Mommy and Me gymnastics!  Today was our trial class and she did so great!  She loved it!  I realized on the way home that this is probably my only chance to do something like this w/ her b/c once she is three she has her own class...no need for mommy.  So, I will soak up every second I can!

We played with hula hoops

 She got to do the tumble track
 Complete with the foam pit at the end!
 She loved the balance beam

 She even did a roll!
 Trampoline time

We had so much fun!  We finished up the morning by bringing donuts and coffee home to daddy.  I love love love that little girl!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Campmeeting Videos

Ok, so I should start by saying that I know this is a riduculous amount of videos for one post (I had to leave the computer uploading while I went to sleep the other night).  However, I wanted to share some of those oh so special moments of Campmeeting.  If you don't have time for all of them, make sure to watch the last one...so proud of Lorelei!

Babyland fun!

This is not the typical music of Campmeeting (I never remember any music like this)...but it was so wonderful I thought I'd record a little to share...

Sweet Madelyn enjoying church

Just a glimpse of the hayride

This was the 3 and under game of the Loudsville Olympics 2011.  It started out where they were supposed to carry the rocks in the shovel and put them in the bucket, it turned into just putting the rocks in the bucket...turns out it is hard to "organize kids 3 and under"...OH WHAT FUN!  Just so sweet!
Then there was a game for the big kids that involved shaving cream.  Lorelei decided she wanted to check it out and this is how it started...

This is how it ended :)

A little time with Grand Nana and Papa Jim late one night

Lorelei singing!  She did so good!

That is all for Campmeeting this year!  What a wonderful time!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Campmeeting Pictures

Just hanging out on the bench on the front porch

 During the Olympics, Lorelei started playing w/ the shaving cream for the big kids game...this is how it started...
 This is how it ended...

 Lorelei playing the "Gone Fishin" Game w/ Grand-Nana and Papa Jim
 Memaw and I found a new place in Helen...a train store!  It was a whole country.
 The whole family in front of the arbor
 Lorelei did the slip and slide!  Well, truthfully she only made it about 15 feet but that was good!  Check out daddy's bowling stance after sending Lorelei flying :)

I will post some Campmeeting videos next :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Campmeeting--Day 2 and 3

Lorelei getting ready to sing in the morning kids program
 This year's theme was the 10 Commandments so we were writing the commandments with sidewalk chalk...doesn't Lorelei have beautiful handwriting for a 2 year old :)
 Nana had a lunch at her house.  Her great grandchildren love her!
 Later that day we went to Babyland.  My mom loves this place more than most kids :)
 Where is Lorelei?
 Where is Madelyn?
 Lorelei climbed up in the bed to play with the dolls.
 Madelyn wanted to join her
 Dinner with the whole family in Bette's tent
 Lorelei did so good singing "This little light of mine"
 Fun matching outfits!
 Hayride time!  Lorelei is excited!
 The first time around is dry and the 2nd and 3rd time around everyone throws water on the people on the hayride

 Lorelei had so much fun!  She didn't like it when the water hit her but she loved being wet!  Here we are afterwards...soaked :)
 That must mean it is time for watermelon!
More pictures to come in the next post...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Campmeeting 2011

We are here! Campmeeting 2011! So excited! This year will be wonderful but definitely a challenge w/ 2 little ones (one being only 5 weeks old). Adam had to work today so I came on up with the girls this afternoon.
Lorelei was excited to go for a walk around the campgrounds.

Lorelei had fun sliding down the slide at the playground. It started raining, but I let her keep sliding anyways :) Watch the dismount b/c the slide was wet and fast!

She was wet, dirty, but look at the joy on her face!
Then it was time to get cleaned up for dinner and church. Nana took her swinging.

Church time!
So, church with two little girls is quite interesting! We actually made it through the whole service (I know, I was surprised too). Lorelei mistakenly thought the lady in front of us was Nana, she was excited and said she would be her Nana for tonight and picked her up. She held her and played w/ her for about 20 minutes of the service! Lorelei did get a little restless but all in all did a wonderful job!
Madelyn on the other hand, slept almost the whole time in my arms!  Sorry for the very fuzzy picture, I was trying to be fast since the sermon was going on.